Turn Data
into Stories

Data alone does not drive change, stories do. This is why Pulse, a data-driven insights platform, is all about turning data into stories.

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Connections between actions
and how they impact sales


Plan and optimize media spending to improve your ROI.


Track content performance across channels

Tablet Content
Tablet Screen

What can you do?


What happened and why?

Understand cause and effects, trace your main business drivers, and keep track of your competitors moves.


How to leverage what is happening?

Drive your brand perception, improve your media spendings, and increase your campaign performance.


How could I make it happen?

Create offerings that ensure your business success by knowing exactly what drives the most sales.

Long term prediction

What might happen next?

Explore trends and anticipate developments to optimize product life-cycles as well as business strategies.

What are your benefits?

Every view tells a story,
tailored to your needs.

Appealing visualisations assist decision making by turning realtime data into stories. Adapted to the needs of your organisation, this provides C-level users with all the information they need. And analysts can focus on their primary task again: analysing data.

Brand Perception

Brand Perception

See how your brand is perceived in real time, and how it compares to your competitors.

Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling

Get the whole picture and find out what really drives your sales.

Content Model

Content Model

Foster organic growth of your owned media channels with engaging content.

Budget Planner

Budget Planner

Manage your campaign media spendings and direct your budgets to where it matters most.

Live ROI

Live ROI

Profit from live ROI insights on media channels performance and sales impact.

Insights Library

Insights Library

Gain curated data insights for your whole company, delivered daily.



Receive AI-powered recommendations on your marketing operations.

Single Post Performance Module

Single Post Performance Module

See how each of your single posts perform individually, across all platforms, regions and timeframes.


Pulse explores data through stories and bridges the gaps between exposure to data and decision-making power and enabling well-informed decisions.

Unique data integration!

Live ROI tracking and real-time data becomes reality with the unparalleled integration capabilities of Pulse and our unique data sources.

Decision optimized visualization!

Intuitive data visualizations provide actionable insights and help you make better-informed strategic decisions.

Integrated AI!

Benefit from automated recommendations enabled by self learning algorithms, delivering highly accurate real-time business outcome predictions.

Managed services!

TD Reply experts ensure a short time to market, fast rollouts across markets worldwide, and continuously support you in obtaining useful insights from your data.

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