Pulse is based on a modular architecture: Just connect any module and data source via plug and play to create your own dashboard with insights tailored to your needs

Unique Inhouse Solutions

China Beats

Your one stop shop for China's data ecosystem.


Tap into search data as a proxy for online and offline marketing activities. Quantify the “Digital Soundbox” for your brand - and your competition - through search trends and volume.


Sonar is your data-as-a-service tool for quantified foresight. Let real-time data be your innovation guide: identify and evaluate consumer, industry and society trends.



Social listening across the globe. Collect, monitor and analyze billions of conversations to better understand what your customers think.


Leverage stories and postings that are trending on social media for your communication, if they fit your brand message.

IBM Watson

Take your understanding of unstructured data to a whole new level with a full suite of advanced text analytics features to extract entities, relationships, keywords, semantic roles and more.


Connect your social media reports to create a single source of truth. Put all distributed information into context with other business relevant KPI to demonstrate true impact.

Google Analytics

Google and Adobe Analytics give you insights into your website activities. Connect this data with Pulse to take micro- and campaign website evaluations to a whole new level.

Sprinklr + Facelift

You manage your social media through Sprinklr or Facelift, now you can use this information for informed campaign evaluation and decision support...


Social media analytics to track how your customers talk about your brand. Together with search metrics this gives you powerful insights about offline user behaviour...

Further Data Sources

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