Media optimization has never been easier

TD Reply‘s Pulse features the pioneering Live ROI system. Live ROI establishes one unified media efficiency index

aggregating media performance data on ad and audience levelacross all platforms and assets, both Online & Offline.

The result:instant and significant optimization

of media spends and even betterresults in the long term

with continuous measurements.

Improve media ROI on the fly

Pulse is the only dashboard that clearly tells you what to do in order to increase your media ROI.

1. Data collection, mapping, transformation, calculation and benchmarking: System updated overnight, every night

2. Unique efficiency benchmarking: Compare channels, assets and audiences

3. Call to action:Start acting instead of discussing numbers

All media ROI insights

in one place

Modular setup tailored your needs

Social ROI (Core Module)

Data Connector to Facebook and Google DV360 for platform & ad format daily ROIs tracking

Digital ROI

ROI module for Instream Online Video, Teads and other digital platforms (except YouTube and Facebook)


Daily TV & OOH ROI estimations based on custom-trained machine learning algorithm

Media efficiency made easy

One, unified ROI index to compare assets and channels

Social ROI set up in less than 4 weeks

Up to 24 months historical data

Incl. audience ROI and asset ROI

Hosted in Germany

Unlimited users

Focus on what matters

  • 1. Automated data ingestion
  • 2. Automated campaign mapping
  • 3. Automated snippet import
  • 4. Automated KPI reporting
  • 5. Automated ROI calculation
  • 6. Go-Hold-Stop media invest alert system

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