The Pulse Architecture

Pulse consists of three main components: the insights aggregation backend called ATTIC, the builder administration interface and the dashboard frontend.

All these three components can run on dedicated systems if necessary.

Our process

We use a dedicated six step process to set you up


What’s your most urgent business question?


Identify internal and external data sources needed to solve your business question


Focus on the data that helps you solve your business question


Only automatize data inflow for the data you really need, real time in high granularity


Derive insights from your data and make decisions to solve your business questions


Track the impact of your decisions and share your success stories with your organization


In our backend, data science works its magic to turn raw data into smart insights:

— In our backend, called Attic, data science works its magic to turn raw data into smart insights. Data can either be pulled from external sources, or inserted into Pulse via our API. You can directly integrate your own R scripts for unparalleled flexibility. Alternatively, retrieve data from Attic through a RESTful API - quickly and secure.

—We work with Docker deployments to release new versions to production and staging instances with very little risk and no downtime. Our release process with extensive QA not only ensures the stability of Pulse, but also consistency and correctness of your data. After all, you have to trust the data to drive decisions.

— Security and trust extend to data access and auditing. Attic automatically tracks changes made to the database and records who ran an update. With our detailed rights and roles user model, restrictions can be imposed down to a single user level, allowing access to datapoints only to approved users.


With our configurator, you can freely set up your dashboard and integrate all modules via plug and play. Profit from full flexibility and a short time to market.

You can also leverage our Managed Services to hand over the configuration work to our experts. A Managed Service consultant will be at your disposal, providing you with best practices and industry standards, and setup your Pulse instance according to your needs.

We provide a powerful user management with roles and rights definition, finetuned down to granular KPI level and offer to connect to your company’s Single Sign On (SSO).


We offer different options for variety of IT environments:

— Our own datacenter: fast, easy, cost-efficient.

— Your favorite platform or infrastructure: AWS, Azure, Google Compute, DigitalOcean etc.

— Your own data center: we do the setup on your hardware and provide platform updates as required.


We adhere to the highest security standards:

There are no shared databases, no multi-tenant logins, no joint processing. Nobody outside your organization can access your insights or your data.

All our instances serve data only over encrypted HTTPS connections - implicit in today's world. When importing data, we are doing so read-only, leaving your original data source intact.

And last but not least: Your data will always be yours. There is no vendor lock-in. You can always export a full data set from Pulse, no strings attached.

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